ANB/ANS Local Camp 14
ANB/ANS Local Camp 14  

Committees and Contacts


Steering Committee

Members: James Llanos Sr

                 Richard Jackson

                 Cecelia Johnson

                 Janice Jackson

Housing Committee

Locates housing for delegates requesting provided housing and identifies alternative housing for delegates wishing to provide their own. Checks and negotiates with hotels on rooms, rates and availability. Locates housing for delegates, speakers, and special guests who have no previous housing arrangements. Committee needs to have a questionnaire for each camp and Executive Officers and Committee members on their housing needs if they want the local camp to handle.



Chair - James A Llanos Jr

             Cell - 907-821-2214

             Email -



Transportation Committee

Negotiate air travel with airlines. Check to see if ferry Schedules fit with convention dates, beginning and ending . Also provide ground transportation at convention site for delegates and speakers when possible.



Chair -  Kevin Gadsy

              Email -

Member - James Llanos Jr 

               email -


Food Committee

Tues night is Host Camp Night. Registration day may have a ‘Warming of the Hands’ type social dinner/get together or sponsored meal.


Wednesday night is usually an opportunity for a sponsored dinner. Consider other Native organizations to sponsor dinner such as CCTHITA, Village or regional Corporations, Dance Groups, IRAs or other camps local


Thursday night usually is Memorial Service so there is usually no meals unless time is expected to be made. A light snack meal may be provided.


Friday night is the ANS GC Native Food/Dance night. Local camp may need to help along with alternates.


Saturday night is the Grand Ball night and is handled by Grand Camp Kagwaantaans, but local camp may need to help some. A dinner may be provided by a sponsor prior to the ball.


Lunches, committee may approach Churches, individuals, groups and organizations who may wish to fund raise or other such organizations.


Breakfast is a continental breakfast put on by local camp or sponsor


Members: Chair - Laverne John




Brochure Program/Advertising

If possible fix up a convention booklet with convention agenda inserted. Solicit from businesses advertising for the booklet. Try and find pictures of previous conventions or delegates or anything the committee feels that would be of interest to delegates. This can be a big part of fund raising.


Members: Chair James Llanos Sr.



Generally, focus on dinner hosted by camp and anytime their assistance is needed by Grand Camp or others who may host a dinner. Things such as kids performances, indviduals like Gene Tagabon, performers interested in donating, or other appropriate entertainment. If speakers need to present during dinners or lunches make allowances for that.


Members: Co-Chairs are 


Cecelia Johnson and Willard Jackson


Facilities/Welcoming Committee

Members James Llanos Sr

                Cynthia Llanos

                Cecelia Johnson


Floor Manager

Makes sure hall is always ready for convention activities. Responsible for loudspeakers, setting up tables, locating committee meeting rooms and so forth Could be a Hall manager with Grand Camp/local Sgt-at-Arms assisting. (A suggestion would be to have local camp elect 2 SA for convention)


Members: Chair - Joseph Reeves



Boiler Room

The boiler room is the area provided for making copies, collating copies, sorting papers, typing documents, having clerical support for convention. Works for the ANB and ANS Grand Secretaries and this is where the copier would be located. Can also support a wireless LAN if feasible for the convention.


Members: Chair James Llanos Jr



Items Needed for Convention

List of local ministers that could assist convention Chaplain for morning devotions and/or Memorial services


Piano, guitar or/and player. Needed for the Battle Song


Name Tags for Delegates. Need these ready for Credentials Committee


Copy Machines. Grand Camp will pay for the paper that they use.


Typists for the Boiler Room (GC responsibility to run, we provide help)


At least 8 committee meeting rooms or meeting spaces for committees




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