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Membership Information

Below is information pertaining to membership as stated in the Camp and/or Grand Camp Constitution and Bylaws. The full documents is also available to download or print at the bottom of the this page.



The Following is from Local Camp Constitution and Bylaws


Section 1. Regular meetings. The regular meetings of the Camp shall be at a time and day determined by members of the Camp, provided that there shall be at least one meeting per month from September 1 through May 31. The purpose of regular meetings is to receive reports of officers and committees, to appoint committees, and for any other business as may arise. 


Section 1b. Other established meetings. The other established meetings of the Camp shall be at a time and day determined by members of the Camp to accommodate members whose work, lifestyle or schedule does not accommodate the first Regular meeting for the month. The purpose of these may be to finish the regular meetings business and other issues that may arise
requiring the camps attention.

Section 5. Quorum. Five members of the Camp shall constitute a quorum.



Section 1. Officers and Their Duties. The officers of the Local Camp shall be a

President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Sergeant at Arms, and three Camp members specially elected to serve on a Camp Council. The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the Constitution and Bylaws of this Camp, by order of the Grand Camp, and as set forth in the parliamentary authority adopted by this Camp.


LC 2.0 Membership. . Any person who resides in or is affiliated with a community in which a Local Camp of the ANB or the ANS is located and pledges to promote the mission and abide by the rules of the ANB and ANS may become a member the Camp upon a majority vote of acceptance in a meeting or ceremonial gathering of members and upon payment of dues.


LC 2.01 Special-status Members. Junior members. The Camp may establish, by Camp Regulation, the status of Student Member for anyone enrolled in elementary, middle school or high school up to 16 years of age. These members may attend meetings, have privilege of the floor, chair committees, but will not be able to hold office or vote. Dues will be set at a minimum of two dollar annually with one dollar submitted to Grand Camp.

LC 2.02 Members of good standing. A member in good standing is considered to be a duly sworn to the Alaska Native Brotherhood or Alaska Native Sisterhood, and Camp dues are currently paid.


LC 2.03 Rescinding a Member. Membership in the Alaska Native Brotherhood or the Alaska Native Sisterhood is a privilege. The power to rescind the membership of any camp member is vested in the Camp Executive Committee. Members being rescinded of Camp membership may request a General Camp review. Rescinding a membership is from the Local Camp only and does not rescind membership in Grand Camp.

The Following is from Grand Camp Constitution and Bylaws

Article II

Sec. 1 Those eligible for full membership with voting privileges shall be the descendants of the aboriginal races of North America who have attained the age of 16 years, provided that in order to vote and hold an elected office in the local camp such members would have to pay full dues. Persons not such descendants but married into such races are eligible for full membership and all its rights and duties except that of holding a Grand Office.

Sec. 2 Persons not eligible to full membership under Sec. 1 may become Associate Members upon receiving the unanimous vote of a Subordinate Camp, provided that his application must have been submitted in writing with a render of dues at least one regular meeting prior thereto.

Sec. 3 Persons may be elected Honorary Members of the Grand Camp at any Annual Convention or at a meeting of the Executive Committee on the motion of a member thereof, provided the vote shall be by ballot and shall be unanimous. The annual dues of such a member shall be Ten Dollars per year which shall be paid into the Grand Treasury.

Sec. 4 Persons reaching the age of 65 years with 25 years of good standing may become Life Members and have full privilege to vote. Each local Camp will be responsible for their dues.

Sec. 5 Grade and High School students may be eligible to membership in a subordinate Camp on a Student Rate of One Dollar a year, the Student paying Fifty Cents and the Camp absorbing the balance, privileges may include attendance at Meetings, privileges of the


Article III

Sec. 1 The Annual Dues shall not be less than $12.00. $6.00 shall be considered Grand Camp Dues and shall be forwarded to the Grand Treasurer without delay. All dues shall be payable one year in advance on or before October 31st. Members may be exempt from payment of Dues while receiving State Assistance or while physically incapacitated. No Local Camp shall be in good standing while its financial report or its payment of Grand Camp dues is delinquent after the second day of the Convention.

Sec. 2 No person shall be allowed under any condition whatever to take part in any meeting of any Subordinate Camp of Grand Camp except under the Title “For the Good of the Order;” nor shall any member receive any benefits from the Treasury for any disability arising during a delinquent period; nor shall any person be elected to Office while delinquent. If any Officer becomes delinquent, his Office shall be declared vacant by the Grand President on notice or by the Subordinate Camp itself if the point of order is raised. No receipt or other evidence of membership shall be issued until actual cash in full has been received, or valid assignment (order on Account) made by member and accepted by employer of good financial responsibility.

Sec. 3 Any member delinquent for more than two years and not participating in any meetings may be reinstated upon offering his or her written application for reinstatement together with the sum of one year’s dues in advance, except those in the Armed Forces.

Sec. 4 No person shall be a member of more than one Camp at a time, but members may transfer to another Camp without additional charge.



Article XI

Seven applicants shall be necessary to secure a charter for a Subordinate Camp of the Alaska Native Brotherhood, and a number equal to a quorum shall be necessary to retain such charter. When a petition is presented and the proper dues tendered, the Grand Secretary shall issue a charter upon securing the signature of the Grand President.


Subordinate Camp Constitution


Sec. 4. Any member guilty of misconduct may be expelled by a majority vote of the members. If the offense takes place in a meeting of the Camp, the member may be suspended or expelled at the meeting where the offense occurs; but if the offense is committed otherwise, the member shall be given a trial after a week’s notice. A member expelled cannot again become a member except by unanimous consent.


Sec. 7. Any member failing to pay his dues for the year by October 31st, by the first regular meeting shall stand suspended and shall be deprived of all rights of membership while so suspended. He shall be reinstated on the receipt of his dues and by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting.


Sec. 10. Five members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular meeting.

Grand Camp Constitution and Bylaws
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Local Ketchikan Camp Constitution and bylaws
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