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Grand Camp Constitution and Bylaws
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Local Ketchikan Camp Constitution and bylaws
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Guidelines for the President by Dr. Soboleff

This is an older letter From Dr. Walter Soboleff for every person that has/had been elected to the office of President. Although it is an older letter, the information and message within is still a good one. Please enjoy.


Camp 14 held election of Officers today, your 2018-2019 Officers are




President – James A Llanos Jr

President – Cecelia Johnson

Vice President - Kevin Hall

Vice President – Yvonne Watson

Secretary – Keven Hall

Secretary – Michelle Eakman

Treasurer – James A Llanos Sr

Treasurer – Cynthia Llanos

Sgt-At-Arms – Kevin Hall and Woody Watson

Sgt-At-Arms – Eleanor McCullough and Michelle Eakman






Life Time Members

Officer Duties


Prescribed Duties. The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the Constitution and Bylaws of this Camp, by order of the Grand Camp, and by the parliamentary authority adopted by this Camp. (Article IV, Section 1)


Camp President’s Responsibilities.

The President of the Camp shall:

a. Provide leadership to the Camp in promoting the mission of the Alaska Native

Brotherhood and the Alaska Native Sisterhood;

b. Preside over Camp meetings or provide for another officer to preside;

c. Advise, assist and encourage officers in the performance of their responsibilities.

d. Appoint an Audit Committee at the first meeting after Labor Day and charge that committee with auditing the Camp's financial records immediately after the completion of the fiscal year;

e. Serve as Chair over the Executive Committee of the camp which consists of the elected Camp Officers.



If a vacancy should occur in a Local Camp office, the Camp President or

highest ranking remaining officer shall nominate and the remaining officers, serving as the Camp Council, shall, by majority vote, elect a replacement to fill the remaining term of office.

(Article V, Section 4)


Call Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or by the Camp Council. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in cases of emergency, at least three days notice shall be given.

(Article V, Section 4)


At the Camp’s annual meeting, the President shall appoint three Camp members to the Planning Committee.

(Article VIII, Section 1)


At the Camp’s annual meeting, the President shall appoint two Camp members to serve on the Finance Committee with the Camp Treasurer.

(Article VIII, Section 2)


At the Camp’s annual meeting, the President shall appoint three Camp members to an Audit Committee.

(Article VIII, Section 3)


The President shall appoint such other committees, standing or special, as the Camp or the Camp Council deem necessary to carry out the work of the Camp. (Article VIII, Section 4)


 The President shall be ex-officio a member of all committees except committees that may involve a conflict of interest.

(Article VIII, Section 5)


LC 4.0 Camp Vice President's

Responsibilities. The Vice President of the Camp shall:

a. Preside over Camp meetings in the absence of, or at the direction of, the President;

b. Strive to increase the membership of the Camp and keep the membership roster current;

c. Communicate with and keep members informed of the Camp's activities.


LC 5.0 Camp Secretary's Responsibilities.

The Secretary of the Camp shall:

a. Record and maintain a permanent set of minutes of all regular and special meetings and of the annual meeting of the Camp;

b. Advertise, at least three weeks in advance, the date, time and place of the Camp Annual Meeting and election of officers;

c. Provide such assistance as the Camp has established for informing members of meetings and encouraging attendance (such as post card announcements of meetings, newspaper notification, radio announcements).


Secretary’s Incidental Responsibilities

The Secretary shall:

a) Maintain all the Camp’s records except financial records;

b) Maintain a supply of forms, formats, and instructions for all operations and activities of the Camp;

c) Assist the President in preparation of meeting agendas;

d) Bring to each meeting the tentative agenda; the minutes of previous meetings; a list of current voting members; the Constitution and Bylaws of the ANB Grand Camp and the Local Camp and other rules of the Camp; the current issue of Robert’s Rules of Order; and a list of all standing and special committees and their members;

e) In the absence of the president and vice-president, to call the meeting to order and preside until the immediate election of a chairman pro tem.

f) Keep the Camp President apprised of matters needing attention;

g) Circulate in a timely, appropriate manner the time and place of forthcoming meetings;

h) At every activity at which there is a call for new membership, immediately provide each applicant with an application form, promptly collect the applications, Coordinate with the Camp Treasurer for acceptance of dues, and record the names of the new members in the Camp’s Membership Roll;

i) Report to the Secretary of the Grand Camp, promptly after an election, the results of the election and addresses and other contact information for newly elected officers;

j) Obtain authorization from the membership for the purchase of items needed for the work of the Secretary;

k) Work cooperatively as a team with other officers of the Camp;

l) As the Secretary’s term ends, orient the incoming Secretary to all procedures and relevant factual information relating to the duties and responsibilities of Camp Secretary, assist in ensuring an orderly transition, and advise the new Secretary as appropriate 


LC 6.01 Treasurer’s Responsibilities Incidental to Fulfilling Duties.

The Camp Treasurer shall:

a) Maintain all the Camp’s financial records;

b) Serve as a signer of checks;

c) If there are other authorized signers of checks, maintain a clear record of who is signing each check issued;

d) Submit all bills to the membership as soon as possible for approval for payment, except bills for which automatic payment is provided for, and upon authorization to do so, to pay such bills promptly;

e) Obtain and file receipts for all transactions in which payments are made from the Camp accounts;

f) Keep the Camp President apprised of the Camp’s financial status;

g) Inform members, with reasonable notice, of the need to pay dues before the end of the fiscal year;

h) Collect dues from members; inform members when they are in arrears; provide tactful reminders as needed to promote the maximum collection of dues;

i) Provide the Camp officers with a list of paid-up members, with reasonable updating from time to time;

j) Maintain sufficient blank receipts on file for anticipated needs, and issue the original copy of duplicate receipts to each payee;

k) Maintain sufficient blank membership cards on file for expected needs (cards may be obtained from the Treasurer of the Grand Camp);

l) Maintain an inventory of ANB caps, lapel pins, constitutions, and other documents or paraphernalia available from the Grand Camp and selling them;

m) Obtain authorization from the membership for the purchase of items needed for the work of the Treasurer;

n) Work cooperatively as a team with other officers of the Camp;

o) As the Treasurer’s term ends, orient the incoming Treasurer to all procedures and relevant information relating to the duties and responsibilities of Camp Treasurer, assist in ensuring an orderly transition, and advise the new Treasurer as appropriate.


LC 7.0 Sergeant at Arms

a. Be responsible for maintaining order in meetings of the Camp;

b. Inform members of forthcoming meetings;

c. Help to set up and take down meeting and event supplies, tables, chairs, and other such activities.

d. Assist the officers and speakers at camp meetings

e. Assist the Grand Camp Sergeant at Arms

f. Assume other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Camp President.

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