ANB/ANS Local Camp 14
ANB/ANS Local Camp 14  

Southeast Alaska Indian Arts Council

In the short term of a few generations, the Indian people of Alaska have made a change from on way of life to another. The change is not a concession that the new way is necessarily better, but is in recognition of both the advantages and the inevitability of change. The old way had a character and a sense of values of a high order by any standard of human relationships. There is a real danger now that much that we value in the old culture will either be lost or diminished with the change. In order to preserve, in true perspective, an awareness of an old order which we honor, we, the Indian people of Southeastern Alaska do hereby establish a council for the preservation of the historic Indian arts which shall be governed by this Constitution. 



Constitution and Minutes

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Last Minutes
Last minutes on file from November 2003
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