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Camp 14 is happy to announce our new Scholarship

Camp 14 has very proud of our new child organization. As you can see from the above article they have made it to the Pick Click Give list and are now eligible for donations when you apply for your Permant Fund Dividend.


Wit the our Scholarships going strong and is now standing on its own two feet so to speak, we at ANB/ANS Camp 14 wanted to continue the good work. The camp and the Scholarship Organization is actually two separate organizations. This makes it possible for us to continue awarding Scholarships at the local Camp 14 level.


So we are starting up the Scholarship Committee and we will be awarding Scholarships, NOT for College exactly.

No, this program primary purpose is for courses, such as vocational/trade school or other non-traditional 2 or 4 year college classes. Such as welding classes, flagger courses, and other education and training courses, that are designed to assist in the advancement of the applicant’s employment and/or career.


While we are not immiediately ready to award scholarships, we wanted to get the word out and share with you the new application. We feel we will be ready by mid August, so spread the word and share the application with those you feel could use it.

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