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Welcome to ANB/ANS Camp 14

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Camp 14 Scholarship Organization

The ANB/ANS Scholarship Organization has come a long way. We separated from


* ANB/ANS Camp 14

* Created our 501c3 Organization

* Created a Partnership with UAS and now have an Endowment Fund

* Have a Scholarship With UAS located Here

*** And now we have applied for and qualifed to be, a part of Pick Click Give working with the State of Alaska and the Permanent Fund Dividend Department. ***


That is right we are proud to announce starting with the permanent fund dividend in 2020, when you apply for your PFD you can now choose to donate to the ANB/ANS Scholarship Program, a non profit organization.


Camp 14 is happy to announce our new Scholarship

Camp 14 has very proud of our new child organization. As you can see from the above article they have made it to the Pick Click Give list and are now eligible for donations when you apply for your Permant Fund Dividend.


Wit the our Scholarships going strong and is now standing on its own two feet so to speak, we at ANB/ANS Camp 14 wanted to continue the good work. The camp and the Scholarship Organization is actually two separate organizations. This makes it possible for us to continue awarding Scholarships at the local Camp 14 level.


So we are starting up the Scholarship Committee and we will be awarding Scholarships, NOT for College exactly.

No, this program primary purpose is for courses, such as vocational/trade school or other non-traditional 2 or 4 year college classes. Such as welding classes, flagger courses, and other education and training courses, that are designed to assist in the advancement of the applicant’s employment and/or career.


While we are not immiediately ready to award scholarships, we wanted to get the word out and share with you the new application. We feel we will be ready by mid August, so spread the word and share the application with those you feel could use it.



Vocational Training Application
To be used to apply for assistance with non traditional college courses, that can further your career. Examples are Welding Classes, Flagger Courses or maybe one time courses at the university for your career.
Vocational Training App.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [139.8 KB]

Recently Camp 14 had sent out a questionnaire, pertaining to ANB Grand Camp Constitution. This questionnaire appeared to be more controversial than we realized and sparked both positive and negative feedback. To assist in clearing up the confusion, Dennis Demmert has penned a reply to the president of ANS Camp 70. Below is his reply.


Finding Information

Looking for a Scholarship? We have an Important Announcement 

For Scholarship Applicants

our previous scholarship program has branched off to its own 501c(3) organization called ANB/ANS Scholarhip program. 


The new organization is now working with the University of Alaska. You may apply online at UAS website.


Although this scholarship will be for UAS Students only, the new scholarship  organization is still planning on having a Scholarship available for tose not attending UAS. Our goal is to have 2 Scholarships available for the 2019 Spring application period. 

Grand Camp Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports from Grand Camp Officers are available. Go to

2019-2020 Officers



President – Kevin Hall

President – Natasha Clevenger

Vice President - Medicine Wind Chaney

Vice President – Yvonne Watson

Secretary – 

Secretary – Monique Clevenger

Treasurer – James A Llanos Sr

Treasurer – Cynthia Llanos

Sgt-At-Arms – Woody Watson

Sgt-At-Arms - Raymond Guthrie

Sgt-At-Arms – Monique Clevenger

Sgt-At-Arms - Innessa Kapranova


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