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Looking for a Scholarship? We have an Important Announcement 

For Scholarship Applicants

our previous scholarship program has branched off to its own 501c(3) organization called ANB/ANS Scholarhip program. 


The new organization is now working with the University of Alaska. You may apply online at UAS website.


Although this scholarship will be for UAS Students only, the new scholarship  organization is still planning on having a Scholarship available for tose not attending UAS. Our goal is to have 2 Scholarships available for the 2019 Spring application period. 

Grand President Quarterly Report

2017 - 2018 Officers Elected

August 13th 2017 Camp 14 held its elections for 2017 - 2018 Officers and Convention delegates.

Camp 14 held election of Officers today, your 2018-2019 Officers are




President – James A Llanos Jr

President – Cecelia Johnson

Vice President - Kevin Hall

Vice President – Yvonne Watson

Secretary – Keven Hall

Secretary – Michelle Eakman

Treasurer – James A Llanos Sr

Treasurer – Cynthia Llanos

Sgt-At-Arms – Kevin Hall and Woody Watson

Sgt-At-Arms – Eleanor McCullough and Michelle Eakman


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