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ANB/ANS Ketchikan Camp 14

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                    Date: August 8, 2021 5:00-8:00 pm

The Ketchikan Presbyterian Church will Celebrate its Indigenous beginnings in a major event in August. Opening with a traditional welcome dance, the celebration will feature an afternoon gathering of friendship and sharing of the history and membership of the early church compiled by Rev Larry Emery. There will be an opportunity for those gathered to enjoy Native art and to help identify individuals in historic photos.


Following the welcoming gathering, a potluck of native foods will be enjoyed by all.  Those attending will be encouraged, but not required, to provide a dish to share. After the meal, participants will adjourn to the sanctuary for the regular Sunday Worship Service focusing on our beginnings and reaffirming the apology of 1991 to the Native tribes of Alaska for inappropriate action and misunderstanding of various cultural aspects by the early Presbyterian Missionaries. As a part of worship, gospel hymns will be sung in the Tlinget, Haida and Tsimpsian languages. During the worship service, several native leaders will be recognized.


Anyone desiring to practice singing in a native language, having native art or photos to share, having ideas or wishing to volunteer / participate, please contact the Presbyterian Church at 225-3619.

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Looking for a Scholarship?

We have an Important Announcement 


our previous scholarship program has branched off to its own 501c(3) organization called ANB/ANS Scholarhip program. 


The new organization is now working with the University of Alaska. You may apply online at UAS website.


Although this scholarship will be for UAS Students only, the new scholarship organization is still planning on having a Scholarship available for those not attending UAS.


For all other colleges Camp 14 will be providing scholarships through the "Mary Jones Scholarship" This application can be found in our Document Library, the link found on the left.


Are you looking for funding for a non traditional college course? perhaps you are interested in Vocational Training/Trade School? Welding, Flagger Course? Well Camp 14 can assist with that also. For funding of these types, please use the "Vocational Training Application" which may also be found in the Document Library.

The ANB/ANS Scholarship Organization has come a long way. We separated from


* ANB/ANS Camp 14

* Created our 501c3 Organization

* Created a Partnership with UAS and now have an Endowment Fund

* Have a Scholarship With UAS located Here

*** And now we have applied for and qualifed to be, a part of Pick Click Give working with the State of Alaska and the Permanent Fund Dividend Department. ***


That is right we are proud to announce starting with the permanent fund dividend in 2020, when you apply for your PFD you can now choose to donate to the ANB/ANS Scholarship Program, a non profit organization.


2020-2021 Officers



President – Kevin Hall

President – Natasha Clevenger

Vice President - Frank James

Vice President – Carrie James

Secretary – Christian Dalton

Secretary – Sid Hartley

Treasurer – James A Llanos Sr

Treasurer – Cynthia Llanos

Sgt-At-Arms – Woody Watson

Sgt-At-Arms - William Kushnick

Sgt-At-Arms – Monique Clevenger

Sgt-At-Arms - Innessa Kapranova


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